PRICE: Upon request
TOTAL AREA: approx. 52.000 m²
Investment, solid increase in value

Object description

Object nr.: G095
PLZ/location: 4400 Steyr
Plot area: approx. 52.000 m2


The 52.000 m2 land with rich gravel and sand deposits in Waldneukirchen is offered for sale.

There is an access road to the property boundaries. The Steyrtal Landesstrasse also borders directly on the property. The creeks, the northern Philippbach and the southern Teufelsbach both flow east of the project area into the Steyr river. The river itself is around 33-35 m lower than the project area, which enables a mining depth of more than 30 m, without a threat of reacing the groundwaters.

According to the geological tests, there is a possibility to get the gravel in the depth up to 30 m, whereby groundwater is probably present here.

The volume of the gravel-sand body is estimated to be around 0.8 to 1.2 million m³ at a depth of 25 meters. To sum up, this is a very safe investment with a solid increase in value that is ideally suited for every investment period. Location: It is located in the district of Steyr-Land, and includes the following plots: 488, 490, 493, 494, 495, 504, 505/1, 505/2, 510/3, 510/4, 510/5, 510/11 and 513.

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